Aggregate delivery is available and is priced on individual cases as the material and distance are critical pieces of information used to quote you most accurately. We actively service Northeastern St. Louis County within a 50 mile radius from Aurora, Minnesota.

For Contractors:

Loading out of the pit is available, please contact us ahead of time to ensure that someone is out there at that time.  Custom made materials can also be produced and aggregate lab reports can be provided upon request.

Sales tax will be added to your total price and is applicable until proof of exemption is received.

Material Delivery

Pit Run

Pit run is material straight out of the bank.  It's useful for building up driveways and pads, as it's a cheaper material.

Landscaping Boulders

We have some large boulders that would be great for any landscaping project!

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Site Prep

Our Products

Red Top Construction offers site prep work for building pads, driveways and such.  For a custom quote, please contact us.

Class Five

Our class five is sampled every 2,000 tons and passes MNDOT spec. Laboratory results can be supplied upon request.

Sand & Gravel in Aurora, Minnesota


Topsoil has been screened and removed of any rocks, sticks or debris.  Great for yards or gardens!

Whether you're looking for a small amount of material for a driveway, rock for a garden project or several hundred yards for a building pad; we're here to help!

Landscaping Rock

Our landscaping rock is sized 6" to 24".  Great for gardening projects!

1 1/2" Crushed-Washed Rock

Great for landscaping projects or drain tile rock.  The rock passes for washed drain field rock.

Rip Rap

Sized 3" to 6" this screened rock is great for landscaping.

Select Granular Borrow

One of our best sellers, this material has no rocks over 3" and is great driveways and building pads.